World Language Professional Development opportunities!

Just because a workshop is directly about ASL doesn't mean that we can't learn! There are many workshops about teaching methods and new ideas so don't be afraid to stick your neck out and click the blue link below!

World Language Workshops and Professional Development Opportunities

How to Become ASLTA Certified - THIS SATURDAY

Don't forget! This Saturday!!!!

How do I earn ASLTA Certification????  Is the new system THAT much different than the old one???? What materials do I need to gather before applying??? What happens if I don't pass??? 

We've all asked these questions, but there is nothing to fear! The NCASLTA BOARD IS HERE!!!!  You asked and we answered.  

Come to 4900 Waters Edge Dr, Raleigh for an all day workshop about what you need, how to apply and how to successfully gain ASLTA Certification.  

If you have not sent in your registration but would still like to attend, please email Raisa Philips at

ASL NIGHT with the Carolina Hurricanes!