The numbers are in!!!

NC Department of Public Instruction Numbers of ASL Students

NC DPI has compiled the numbers for ASL enrollment.  These numbers reflect High School level ASL Classes so "Exploratory" or "Elective" or "Specials" classes at the Elementary and some Middle school levels are not included. 

These numbers are from the last 5 years.  The steady increase is obvious, but I do want to point out that at the beginning, many schools did not know that there were course codes for ASL and did not code those students properly.  There are still schools that are not coding properly but DPI continues to work to inform them of the proper codes to enter for students taking ASL. 

ASL is 7th out of 18 languages taught in NC as far as number of students enrolled in classes.  However, it is the SECOND FASTEST GROWING language being taught in NC!!!!

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NC Virtual Public School - CULTURE CAFE

NCVPS is a FREE platform for World Language teachers of ANY LEVEL to access content about the language and culture they teach.  For years, NCVPS Culture Cafe has been trying to add ASL content and no one has stepped up.....until now.  

Antwan Campbell will be delivering this "Culture Cafe" on ASL Interpreting. It is FREE and open to any student, at any level, in NC.  

Becoming a Sign Language Interpreter
When: October 25th
Time: 7:00 PM
Presenter: Antwan Cambell

Becoming a Sign Language Interpreter 10.25.18


We are teachers of ASL but many of us also teach Deaf children and/or have students with disabilities.

The 68th Annual Conference on Exceptional Children will be held November 15-16, 2018.  Many different topics will be covered over these two days.

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